First of all, all returns and exchanges please contact us firstly and receiving confirmation from our Customer Service. Icon House will only accept returns and exchanges if we are contacted within 7 days from the delivery of items.

Returns and Exchanges are accepted as below conditions

1. Delivered items are damaged

2. Delivered items are defective

3. Delivered items are different from those ordered

 In the event a customer receives the wrong or defective merchandise a replacement will be issued to the customer at no cost.  The original item(s) must be returned to our warehouse within 14 days to complete the transaction.

Furthermore, we can only exchange items that are still in stock.

If the item you want to exchange is not in stock, we will refund the item amount.

Returns and Exchanges are not accepted as below conditions:

1. Items that have been used or worn.

2. Items that have been kept for more than 7 days after delivery without any compelling reasons.

3. Items that have been damaged, broken, or soiled while in the customer’s possession.

4. Items that have been adjusted or cleaned by the customer.

5. Items without their original case/package, or any part of a set item.

6. Marked down items

7. Items that have been kept for 14 or more days from the time of delivery.

8. Last Chance Sale or Special Offer items are not returnable or refundable.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to