Soft Memory Foam Pillow 輕柔回彈枕頭

HK$  780.00

dimension :  60x35x8/11cm


Color Variation Color may be varied as it will be affected by your own acceptance and/or photo lighting. We apologies for any misunderstanding caused.
Soft Memory foam Pillow is engineered to provide over 800 support points for your neck and spine,
helping you maintain a healthy sleeping position and minimizing discomfort One time Local courier only to Office/Industrial area excluding New Territories, Islands or remote area. For more details before contact us.


Soft Memory Foam Pillow 輕柔回彈枕頭

Size: 60x35x8/11 cm

  1. Removable Cover :Removable, breathable, flexible, and machine-washable. Oh, and super convenient.
  2. Breathable 3D Structure : Unique 3D structure encourages heat and moisture to disperse from the pillow surface
  3.  Antibacterial protection
  4. Adjustable height: It’s got all the squish, plus all the support, allowing our pillow to perfectly contour to your head and neck at all pressure points.
  5. Improvement: Neck Stiffness, Shoulder Pain, General Discomfort
  • 輕柔回彈棉枕頭的波形設計最符合人體的生理曲線,形成貼合頸椎的承托。

  • Soft Memory Foam Pillow 輕柔回彈枕頭


  • 就克服了傳統的圓形或橢圓形枕頭睡覺時頸椎懸空引起的頸椎受力變形問題。

  • 輕柔回彈枕頭的特點

  •  2:軟硬適度

  • Soft Memory Foam Pillow 輕柔回彈棉枕頭


  • 這種軟硬度達到了既能承托頭部和頸部又很舒適的完美境界。

  • 過硬的枕頭,會使頭、耳廓、頸、背、臂、手等處的輕度麻木或者酸脹狀態;

  • 過軟的枕頭難以保持枕頭的對頸部和頭部的良好承托。

  • 3:良好的舒適度

  • 由於Soft Memory Foam Pillow 輕柔回彈枕頭


  • 4:透氣性

     Soft Memory Foam Pillow 輕柔回彈枕頭