彈簧床褥 Mattress

HK$  8,350.00HK$  11,450.00

Single Bed : 36×72 inch

Large Single: 42×72 inch

4 feet double Bed : 48×72 inch
48×75 inch
Full size Bed: 54×72 inch

Full size Bed: 54×75 inch

Queen size Bed : 60x 72inch
60×75 inch 60×78 inch

King Size Bed: 72 x 78 inch

King size Bed: 72x80inch


彈簧床褥 Mattress




  1. ⭐️訂做獨立靜音彈簧床褥
  2. 可自選以上任何一款面料
  3. 👏全港首創自選床褥面料👍
  4. 根據人體力學設計,
  5. 給您無可比擬的高質睡眠體驗
  6. 獨立袋裝彈簧. 順應身體曲線重量設計,讓你睡眠不受干擾
  7. 強化的邊緣,讓床褥更結實耐用
  8. 附加太空棉面層增加舒適度,讓您彷如躺在海中央
  9. 床褥長度可按需求訂造*保護墊訂造需時20-30天
  10. 💚每個弹簧用無紡布袋裝
  11. ✔️個別獨立運作,互不干擾
  12. ✔️不會發出聲嚮
  13. ❤️選用歐洲高級面料,羊絨面料及時尚棉蔴格仔面料
  14. ✔️增加深度睡眠
  15. ✔️抗菌抑蟎
  16. ✔️透氣性強
  17. ✔️天然阻燃
  18. 💜 慢回彈棉/超高彈棉
  19. ✔️ 配合人體曲線,有助人體放鬆釋壓和睡眠
  20. 💛 壓縮卷裝
  21. ✔️ 採用真空無菌卷包設計
  22. ✔️ 快回復原狀
  23. ✔️ 環保健康

彈簧床褥 Mattress

  1. Super silent pocketed spring mattress
  2. firstly, Five Star Mattress is the latest version with Pocketed Coil springs
  3. according to ergonomic principles to design the placement of pocketed coil springs
  4. 彈簧床褥 Mattress not only can strongly support for the weight of the body
  5. It support the body from the head, shoulder, waist, and the back
  6. It also contains 5-7 layers material such as Foam in energy form, memory foam and soft foam
  7. temperature regulation and soft and comfort
  8. The mattress is for those who are serious about the quality of their sleep
  9. After a good sleep, people are recharged




Color Variation Color may be varied as it will be affected by your own acceptance and/or photo lighting. We apologies for any misunderstanding caused.
Five Star Mattress Memory foam Pocketed Coil Springs Strongly support for the weight of the body
5-7 layers materials such as Foam in energy form temperature regulation and soft and comfort For those who are serious about the quality of the sleep
Local courier services One time Local courier only to Office/Industrial area excluding New Territories, Islands or remote area. For more details before contact us.
Delivery time Tailor Made products After having received full amount of the order products. Products can be arranged in 2-3 weeks

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