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massage bed 按摩床

HK$  13,880.00HK$  16,800.00 HK$  9,800.00HK$  10,880.00

One Single Bed : 30 x72 inch or 36 x 72

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Product Description

showroom product only

 Massage bed 按摩床 氣壓按摩

  •  Personalized comfort

  •  1. Individual controls let you set the firmness level that’s right for you, using mm/Hg

  •  2. the most precise scientific standard of pressure.

  • Precision performance

  • 1. Air chamber adjusts firmness incrementally,

  • 2. hidden pump operates quietly,

  • 3. and moisture barrier protects mattress components.

  • luxury materials

  • 1.  is handcrafted with signature luxury materials, including organic cotton, 

  •     Talalay latex, and gel-infused memory foam.

  •  According to ergonomic principles,

  •  Massage Bed in 5 body segment joint points on the bed frame

  • Thru remote control, massage bed 按摩床  not only the angle of the bed frame can be adjusted at will

  • Also the bending angle of each part of the human body can be actively adapted

  • In addition it can freely adjust body posture and relieve neck and waist pressure

  • Moreover sitting on the back, lying down or lifting up the waist, can promote blood circulation

  • In Conclusion can get a healthier body.

  • massage bed 按摩床 is suitable for all people targeting for a healthier body

  • WE can deliver Airbag Massage Bed 按摩床  in around 30 days

 Massage bed 按摩床 

  •  氣壓按摩

  •  是根據人體工程學原理設立

  • 氣壓按摩床 在 5個身體分段關節點 ( 人體的彎曲點), 

  • 換言之 通過遙控操作 可隨意調節床架角度  

  • 氣壓按摩床 除了 適應人體各個部位的彎曲角度,

  • 更加 自由調節身體姿勢 - 並且減輕頸部腰部壓力端坐、後躺或腰部抬升,

  • 促進血液循環,身體更健康。

  •  總結以上, 啟動全身按摩模式, 氣壓按摩床床墊內部的氣囊, 

  • 根據全身按摩的程序來驅動,在頭部、腰部、臀部、腿部的氣囊,

  • 全身按摩促進血液循環效果

  •  *訂造需時約30 天

    -  提供免費送貨及安裝服務

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Double, Full (54″), King, L, Queen, Single